When it comes to writing my faith shrivels beneath a blanket of fear because I tend to think differently, believe a little out of the ordinary, engage in non-traditional views of life, I keep out of sight; concealing my writing from the view of judgmental undertones. I have been accused of being a contrarian on more than one occasion; therefore much of what I write is hidden in closets and leather bound journals, lost on old computers and word programs lest I stir an unfriendly nest. I confess I’m afraid to be rejected and shot down. My son asked me , “how can you claim to be a Christian and yet be afraid, don’t you trust God?” and herein lies my faith place, a faith place is a place of doubt, fear and unbelief, the wilderness for the is Israelite, however, harsh and dry it provides the greatest opportunities to trust God and increase the faith we all have in measure. I told him of the man who asked Jesus to help him in his unbelief, and I said, “Son, Jesus came for the sick of which I am one, he is close to the broken hearted and he strengthens the weak. I reminded him Gideon was afraid, the disciples were afraid and even Abraham.  yes i am afraid that is precisely why i need God and faith. 365 times we are told to not fear, that tells me it is human to fear be afraid, but it is not final.   I am afraid, afraid of what people will think of me, afraid to fail, afraid of rejection.  However, if those who think different don’t speak up we will eventually create a society where every one thinks the same, and God made us to be a diverse and colorful world a body with many members. Faith is not the absence of fear, faith I believe is trusting God in the presence of fear. I am ready to put on display my faith which has developed in unconvential ways in wilderness landscapes regardless of what other people say or think or how they criticize, that is a step of faith and that I believe is the call of the disciples of Christ, regardless of the outcome. Find courage here with me. Courage to speak up, courage to think freely. courage to believe.  

What will you find here on my faith place?  I believe humanity is made of imperfect people with flaw’s and cracks and for some reason that is exactly ok. if you are that one who is flawed you will find here encouragement. When you need to be comforted please come and partake. That is what you find here , a reminder that we can find hope even in adversity. I read recently this beautiful statement God didn’t deliver from the fire, but through the fire.

A faith place, in my opinion, is not the place you have faith, but the place you need faith

A faith place, is not the place I have faith, but the place I need faith.  for some reason the place that is often dry and lacking, the place where success has eluded many of us. When Israel needed faith, God led them to the wilderness a dry and barren land. It was there in that unconventional kingdom and weary land where they drunk water from a rock and understood God and developed their faith, in a place where it was through challenges, not victories  they learned about faith, I truly believe that is why God has placed us like them in these vessels of flesh and flaws.  

It is not despite hardships that we live a life of joy and faith but because of them.

I am a person of faith. My road to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has been in some regards a landscape of grit and grime. This is my faith place where all my unconventional thoughts and experiences find their resting place.  Welcome!