scene of birth of christ

do you believe it’s possible?

The virgin birth is hard to swallow. For some people it’s easier to file this ‘Christmas miracle’ with the Marvel movies. It’s simply hard to grasp that God and man could collide in one form. But then again there have always been throughout history hard to believe facts and figures. maybe we have to look beyond the “thing” to accept it and believe it to be true.

Columbus set out on his voyage with the belief that the world was flat, until he discovered it wasn’t. Today it’s common knowledge that the world is indeed round, but up until the 15th century, most people just accepted that the world was flat. Even though some (the greeks in 500 b.c) had been claiming that it was round for 1000 years. Sometimes it takes humanity hundreds of years to discover or to accept things unseen . Facts today considered common knowledge were inconceivable thousands of years ago.

look at what has been discovered since the microscope and the telescope were invented: Nano technologies, viruses ,solar systems, heart transplants and cell phones airplanes or sending instant messages around the globe. Things that humanity would have had to “have faith” for in their lifetime, are plain today. There are some things we can’t know until we know. and some things we simply cannot know because of individual limitations. for example, you were born blind, how could you understand the color blue? if you ever could it would have to be in a different way then visually. you might create a different method for understanding colors based on the information you personally have access to. Isn’t that still true today? Don’t we gain knowledge and understand through systems and method and resources that we have access to or generate out of need? It is difficult to understand things we don’t experience sensually, but it doesn’t diminish reality, it may require faith, but not faith in the thing itself.

The virgin birth for example. Many of us don’t fully understand it, because we haven’t seen it, so we dismiss it. Others accept it almost blindly.

I fall into the faith camp; I believe the virgin birth because it’s in the bible. but in my mind, I don’t have to believe in the virgin birth, because my faith doesn’t rest on the virgin birth. I don’t have to fully understand it to accept it. I only have to believe that anything is possible. Call me a forward thinker. Could it have been a mistranslation in the text, sure some say Mary wasn’t actually a virgin but a young girl, a maiden? possibly. Could it have been a natural birth, Joseph’s baby? perhaps. some people believe the entire Christian faith relies on two things the virgin birth and the resurrections does my faith rely on the virgin birth? some people don’t believe Christianity because of the virgin birth claim. But i don’t think Christian faith relies on the virgin birth to be true.

There are a lot of unanswered questions spinning around God, the unknown and invisible creator and author of the most famous text in history. which states a lot of pretty “unbelievable” impossible miracles and events. Take for example, the creation of the world, or the global flood, the parting of the red sea, bread from heaven and yes raising the dead. Perhaps believing the virgin birth isn’t really about a believing a virgin can have a baby. Perhaps it’s not about what you believe about science, or nature at all. but it might begin with what you believe about God.

If you believe that God made the earth, and could form people from dust, , and if you believe that he is all powerful then you believe that God doesn’t have to abide by the rules of nature, then He can change and bend the universe to his will to his creativity, in as much as van gogh had the right and ability to walk up to his famous painting “a starry night” and add a star that wasn’t there before.

God is outside of time and space he is outside of the order or the inhabited earth, he is beyond and above and before and ahead of us. He is eternal. so what we believe about Mary and the virgin birth doesn’t really rest on THEM at all, it sorts of rests on us and what we believe about God.

it’s definitely hard to wrap our finite minds around things we cannot see touch taste or hear. The question is not is it possible, but could God make it happen? the reality and answer already is its not possible or we would see it every day, but yes, He can still make it happen, God is outside of impossibilities. Possibility isn’t a requirement for God’s work.

Somethings exist, we just don’t know it yet or haven’t seen or discovered them yet like the flat earth. Some things exist, and we have seen them like the sun. some things existed not because we see or believe only because God can and did make it to appear for a moment in time and space and it will never be repeated so we have to just decide what we believe about God not the things God does. If God is all powerful and if you believe he created the world, then it’s not a hard thing to believe in a virgin birth. It’s just another one of his masterpieces.

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