It’s not just those who are sick that are suffering.

If the US economy doesn’t begin to open up there will be a much greater problem than toilet paper shortage. The american people will begin to protest in crowds. For 54 days we have done our part in flattening the curve. We have worn our masks and gloves, stood 6 feet apart in the markets, followed the arrows, closed the churches, movie theatres and salons. We have complied with all the orders, watched the numbers and taken measures to stay home practicing good hygiene.

Health officials are trying to stop the US from re-opening, but life must go on. We are living breathing moving reproducing human beings, not robots. Life must go on. Yes, more may die, yes more may get sick, but eventually like all virus’s , diseases and problems that the world has encountered since the dawn of civilization, we will get through, and for those who believe in darwin’s’ survival of the fittest, we will even be stronger after wards. But if we stay isolated worse things will befall the people. And why would we, let’s compare to the worst flu on record.

In 1918 the spanish flu spread to 1/3 of the worlds population. This is what the world population looked like then:

even with 1918 flu pandemic killing 50,000,000 people worldwide. The population grew. People and economies and societies managed to survive.

According to HEATHLINE, 500 million people worldwide contracted the spanish flu with 50 million deaths following. They took none of the measures we have taken, and yet…In one year the flu ended as immunities grew. In 1918 the world was unable to take the measures we have taken, soldiers continued to travel all over the world. Poor hygiene was common. There were no little bottles of purell. Business’s were not shut down, crowded areas were not cleared and evacuated, there was no world wide communication or technology or strict orders to stay in, certainly no zoom meetings, and drive-by birthdays celebrations. The spanish flu which was a contagious and deadly virus was the worst case scenario, and yet the world survived. We have done oodles more than they did in 1918 to prevent that scenario from re-playing and we have done a good job. Now its time to get on with life, we cannot stay inside forever, and if the spanish flu was conquered by humanity without taking any measures, and within the context of “worst case” , surely we can and will overcome Covid-19.

It’s still a sad tragedy that 50 million people were lost. Death and sickness is tragic however it presents itself. We cannot prevent death or sickness, it is part of this fallen world, only Christ can end the suffering caused by sin. NO president, no administration, no early action, or stay at home order is powerful enough to save us from the death plague. Death is part of life. We will never be able to prevent or control it. We are human , we are mortal, we are susceptible.

The united states has by far the largest numbers of c-19 but consider the US has also outested the world by 10 to 1. Testing to date some 9.6 million plus people. Other countries have barely reached 2 million tests, and most, fewer than 1 million. Of those 9.6 million tested in US, only 1.3 million have tested positive, many of those positives are a-symptomatic or recovered. out of 331,000,000 we have lost 82,000.

Worldwide there are 4.2 million positive c-19. and yet 1,621,456 have recovered, leaving 2,459,876 active. Only 2% are critical and only 294,325 worldwide have died. Which means what is not being reported is of the 2.5 million positive how many are immune. The numbers don’t show those who never get symptoms. Which means there are immunities. It is likely that the covid 19 has been around a little bit longer than suspected. What media doesn’t report is that while covid-19 is very contagious virus, 98 percent of those infected have mild symptoms. With the volume of modern travel and communication the world population has been exposed and therefore become immune to many more virus’s then the peoples of 1918. We have stronger immune systems.

We must remember that the media is a business too. A business that has not been shut down during crisis, a business that makes its money on viewers tuning in. A business that’s business is to keep you glued to the television. A business mind that feeds and thrives on crises.

We have been in quarantine for 54 days, more or less. We have seen this run its course like most viruses, we are seeing numbers go down, the curve flatten and now we are slowly re-opening the world. Don’t be afraid of Coronavirus. The world is suffering from far worse things and in far larger quantities.

World deaths this year other than corona worth reporting.

the worldometer has reported 21,333,057 deaths this year world wide.

13,000 people die of hunger per day

842,947,110 people are undernourished in the world

305,438 death by water related illness and disease

801,203,407 people with no access to safe drinking water

4,708,605 communicable disease deaths, of those only 6% are coronavirus related.

2,757,016 deaths of children under the age of 5

15,421,019 babies aborted ** isn’t it ironic that while trying desperately to save lives in one room of the hospital they are getting paid to end them in others. While telling the american people that we are somehow responsible to save lives by staying away from one another, few people have voted to save lives simply by not killing or through teaching abstinence. This seems so hypocritical to me, liberals would never vote for a public school curriculum or promotion of abstinence, no sex or 6 feet from your partner if your not married to save the lives of 15 million babies per year.

41,783,397 HIV/AIDS infected people this year (thats million) and just becasue HIV is not airborne, sex has become so common place that HIV could be considered much more contagious and deadly than corona, becasue it makes you more vulnerable to every other illness with even the common cold being lethal to an HIV victim.

609,749 deaths from AIDS/HIV

2,978,966 Cancer deaths

1,813,239 Smoking related deaths

907,000 Alcohol deaths

388,960 Suicides

30,000,000 2016/17 Flu infections

I can imagine many of these numbers will skyrocket because of isolation. If people cannot work to provide for their families not only is this a known factor for depression and suicide, but that means undernourished peoples, and more domestic violence, these things have ripple effects long past this isolation. Uneducated peoples that too becomes a long term problem, most peoples living in poverty are undereducated.

While CNN is posting statements such as the economy cannot open too soon since staying home and people’s “altruism saves lives” and the us death toll is staggering.”

HEALTHLINE reminds the public that COVID_19 is not the first pandemic the world has dealt with and it won’t be the last.

If we continue in quarantine the problems related to quarantine are going to surge, especially in places such as new england where the summer and spring months are the times when vitamin D deficiency receive their respite. Suicide rates will go up, depression and other mental illness will increase, Domestic violence, substance abuse, heart disease and obesity. why suddenly is there a scale of value in regards to dying. Why suddenly is corona more dangerous than suicide or heart disease?

My Vote: OPEN UP, give us a chance to build our immunities and build morale for without this there is no society on the planet that will be content to be healthy or alive.

Kim Blenkhorn

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