Anna Mary Robertson Moses. Maybe your not familiar with this dear old woman. She lived her life between New York and Virginia, as a hired girl and then a wife and mother. She raised five children. She worked on her farm with her husband until he died. What is amazing about this woman is that her life is a testament to your never to old to start something new…she didn’t start painting until she was 77 years old! IN 1939 she was discovered at a county fair where she would sell her paintings and pickles. She became famous when Hallmark bought her pictures. She died at 101 years old and painted 1500 pictures. Her most famous print sold as an original for 2 million dollars.

She inspires me to not give up because I’m 40. Life isn’t over, until your dead, and God has created you for certain works in life, and he has prepared those works for you that he wants you to walk in, weather or not your 27 or 77.

YHWH, accomplish your will and purpose in me and may the works you have prepared for me emerge in me, around me, through and find me. Amen.

Smithsonian American Art Museum Acquires Three Masterworks by ...
“Out for Christmas” 1946 – oil on pressed wood


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