My family and I have been watching the original series, The Chosen, which is free right now. Its an account of Jesus and his disciples. now before I continue I want to say,  I had to bribe my older son to join us  and my daughter falls asleep most nights half way through. But I love love love the family time. Sometimes its not about the winning, its just about the showing up. And even if they don’t love  it or appreciate it, God can still use it in their lives. God can use things that we don’t yet love to change us because of his Love. God is able to use his word to plant  truths into our hearts that we don’t appreciate in the moment and often take many years to sprout. with that being said:

We have watched 5 episodes so far, 5 nights and each has focused primary on the life of one disciple. It peers into the imagined lives, conversations, struggles, livelihood and relationships, based on historical accounts of the disciples.  Its not a broad brushstroke of scripture, it is a magnifying glass. The main bones are scriptural and based in the gospel records, but lived out in real people, the disciples, the chosen of God. In it the writers help us explore what it could have been like for those who interacted and followed Jesus. here’s the thing, these people were not likable, they were broken misfits, demon possessed greedy, selfish sinners. sort of like teenagers can be sometimes. Its inspiring because the disciples were people human flesh and blood. and I think that is why the Lord saw them and chose them because they represent the dust of the earth. The Lord chose the dust to use it as a material to form man into his own image and fill with his own spirit.

1 Peter says this: Peter an apostle of Jesus to …those who reside as aliens who are chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the father BY THE SANCTIFYING WORK OF THE SPIRIT that you may obey Jesus Christ…

Those who are chosen are not sanctified to be chosen, but chosen by being sanctified. He chose Mary though filled with demons , he chose Peter though in great debt, he chose Thomas though he doubted, he chose James and John though likely a spoiled brats. He chose men like you and me,  that God knew in advance would spread the news of salvation because they themselves had been saved.

Its ironic , my teens aren’t racing to watch a series about Jesus and his disciples and aren’t super excited about God, i feel like i am dragging them kicking and screaming to the TV each night and yet those are the exact people the whole series is about. People who weren’t all that excited or devoted to God in the first place, until Jesus pursued them, looked at them in his time, and said, follow me,  these are the people Jesus chose.

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