drawing of tom Brady by Kim Blenkhorn

I want to thank Tom Brady for giving us something to read in the news  yesterday besides Coronovirus, something to talk about, to grieve, to get excited about, I have to say he announced this at just the right moment when America is in a state of shock over the increasing numbers of sick people, and this just in…in his typical way he pulls out a surprise, distracting us  into emotional upheaval.

One reason I drew Tom is because of his eyes, they see one thing and they are profound and mysterious that I was drawn to.  He was actually the first of many faces and people I began to draw. He has a way of drawing in crowds and fans, its something about him which begs to be watched.   I love Tom Brady, not for his football throwing skills, not for his good looks and not for his money, not even because he is called the GOAT. I love Tom because i once heard him say  “do your job.” This was the second reason I drew him . He inspired me, he caught my attention and I believe he is someone to look up to, someone for young people to call hero, and old people to nod at. Such a simple, direct and powerful statement. I don’t know Tom personally, but I really believe he has character, the kind of character that is built over time earning every inch of respect, it’s not purchased with Fame but built with hard work, faithfulness and devotion. He is one of the last great heroes, and depending on how this virus goes, he might actually be the last, who knows.

“DO YOUR JOB”!  What implications, when every one is doing their own job everything gets done. When everyone is worrying about doing their best at their own position you have a winning team, a winning family, a winning class or company or whatever the group is that’s working for the same shared goal. Tom’s Job isn’t the patriots, it isn’t football, I believe its bigger than that, I believe Tom Brady’s Job is to teach us what it means to be a true hero, a fighter, a player in the game of life with perseverance and ambition.  Football just happens to be the recipient of his worth.

I grew up not just in New England, but in Patriots country, Foxboro, Massachusetts. I never went to a game, back when it was Sullivan stadium or Foxboro stadium, not even when it became Gillette stadium. maybe I’m cheap or just don’t like the cold, But Tom Brady grew on me, he made me love a game i cared zero about, he made me shout and watch intently and talk to my television set. He made me proud to be from New England. I fought Football on Sunday afternoon for a long time, but how could I continue to resist this down to earth unlikely winner, passed by until the 6th round, he was an underdog. No one could have imagined that he would rise to be the greatest football player in NFL history, breaking records, taking home super bowls championships and leading his team to victory again and again. We would come home from church make some fatty snack and park it in front of the tv for the afternoon i eventually looked forward to that, no other teams, no other QB’s I sat to watch Brady and company. I began to learn plays that i never understood before , ask questions i didn’t really care about at any other time, and he made me a fan,  again and again, he gave me something to cheer for. not just the way he played, but His faithfulness to the team, to this little old Jewish man, Robert Kraft, despite that he didn’t get paid as much as others he stayed, and it proved he was different. He is a hard worker, devoted to football, not afraid to be different sending his kids to be unschooled, a healthy eater, a faithful family man, with an avid off season work out routine, never seeming to care about the spotlight as much as the game. He really seems to live the way we all secretly wish we could. when Brady took responsibility for the deflated football he grew 10 feet in my eyes, and likely the eyes of every football fan in the league. We all make mistakes whether he did it or not he was willing to take the blame, that was big, that was huge. That is what hero’s do, they aren’t perfect but they take in it the chin, every once in a while when they know there is something greater to protect. There is a lot in him to  admire in a man like that.


I’m a little sad that he is leaving the patriots, my literal home team. But I’m glad he isn’t afraid to try new things because every champion ought to show their fans that they aren’t afraid to do something different. Maybe he’s chasing the money, but maybe not, maybe he just loves the game, maybe he doesn’t know who he is without a football in his hand or maybe he just wants to play the game because he knows he can, and he wants to challenge himself on another field, he’s showing every kid in America that he’s human- we sort of need some human greats. Hes not ready to stop running the ball, invent great quotes, or  re-invent himself,  good America needs you Brady!  I will watch every buccaneer game this next season, I mean if we have a football season, so guess what Buccaneers just got a whole new fan base.  I will watch every patriot game because I’m a patriot and I  love the company Brady started, and every Buccaneer game because of the Company Brady will lead. The game I think all patriots fans will look forward to the most, is the Buccaneer vs. Patriots Thanks Tom for interrupting the panic of coronovirus and giving us something else to worry about – how will the patriots win without you? thanks for all the seasons and all the yards and all the wins and for showing the world and your fans that you don’t have to be on top the entire game to win, only the last few minutes.


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