B5D7E90C-28CE-42CD-BDAC-C00E8018715CI draw because it is my loudest voice. It’s the thing that draws the crowd without a sound. Its the replacement of words other people don’t hear or I cannot release well. Drawing for me is powerful, it’s my own decisions and mine alone that count on the blank canvas before me. I get to decide what the first and last mark will be, I choose who to bring to life, I determine how dark their eyes ought to be and what pencil to use to do it. I can do what I like and what I want, I am both my biggest fan and greatest critic and choose who to invite into my process or seek advice from. There is no one looking over my shoulder telling me,”that won’t work, you can’t do that, that’s ridiculous” . I can take risks and reap the benefits of those risks. When I draw I can fully trust myself. It’s not about talent its about confidence, am I confident enough to draw this to express this idea… yes and I do it and I maybe I succeed. Drawing is the place I  am in control and have worth. Every child is an artist because it is their loudest voice in a world of grown up people who don’t think someone small has anything valuable to say, so they draw and they make their choices and they test their ideas with crayons and paint on large white pieces of paper that begs them to speak. But they grow and they find their voice in other places.

My voice is my pictures, spoken with my pencil, my ideas , thoughts and beliefs spilling wildly over my paper, creating and forming and bringing something, and more often someone  back to life. Like this drawing of Corrie Ten Boom.

What is your loudest voice? That is where you must work, that is the place you will thrive and grow and burst the seams of your potential. In the place where you can make your own choices, and take your own risks. For me its drawing, for you perhaps writing, or mothering, or speaking to large crowds or making difficult decisions, or leading, perhaps its building or researching or accounting, or operating, only you can know and you will know when you feel heard without speaking because the thing your doing speaks for itself .

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  1. Kim what an awsome blog! Thats why i draw , because i have a feeling too big for words ! I.believe one of mans greatest needs is to be known.

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