Oh those words. I have such a bitter sweet feeling when the spin instructor says that. because riding the bike from the saddle is just harder and it burns. As hard as it is,  what I realize when I’m pushing the limits of physical endurance is this:  I am thirsty.  I drink a lot of water when I spin. There is no other time I am as desperate for water as when my heart is racing, and my legs are aching, and sweat is dripping down my back.

We all need water all the time,  not just when we are hot, tired and working hard but everyday.  The human body can survive an average of three to five days without water, not too long considering there are 27,375 days in the average life span. We are told to drink an average of 8 glasses of water per day, I would guess most of us do not meet that quota, simply because we’re not thirsty enough and so we forget. We are not thirsty enough because we are not hot enough, so God turns up the heat a little.

Water is the elixir of life, it provides true hydration.  Your body doesn’t actually thirst until it starts to dehydrate. We shouldn’t wait that long but we do.   Kudos to everyone who drinks regardless of what they feel. but know this, the upside of being hot and working hard is you drink a lot…of water.

In addition to hydrating during a tough work out, water helps me work harder and be stronger and I think it might improve oxygen intake.  Water is important and its good to thirst and its good to be in positions where we thirst.

We thirst for God most when we are struggling and feel weak and are experiencing fiery ordeals. We long for his comforts, peace, and his love most when we are worn out. thirst comes upon us suddenly when we are struggling, and its not a bad thing, I mean really  it is the hardest part of the ride that I reach for my water most, and the water helps.  In our Christian faith we thirst for the Lord most in the heat of the battle and that’s what it takes to get us to drink from the wells of life.   It’s when we are struggling through life that we are the most thirsty.  God lets us be thirsty a lot, he knows how to simulate the heat in our life. When we are thirsty, then we partake of his living waters willingly and desperately, so he turns up the heat and we drink more.

The truth is we drink of God’s mercies, we partake of his grace and thirst for his presence when we are lagging and we seek him out when we are under the world’s thumb, so he doesn’t keep us from trial and battle. Our creator wants us to drink from his well spring, so we are permitted to suffer the heat of the battle and the burn of the saddle.

“whoever is thirsty let him come, let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.” revelation 22:17  


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