53cada74b373117ebf3066a565411219Long before a cross, or the sound of a rooster crowing. Disloyalty entered the world. It was not in a dark and shallow place, but a  beautiful garden where death began its first plea.  Betrayal was defined in this moment. God entrusted everything to his children; the whole earth was within their power and dominion. He gave a precious gift to the ones He made uniquely in his own image and likeness. How deep his love and favor reached for Adam and Eve, how deep the pain of that very first betrayal must have cut.

God’s daughter was approached by the enemy of God. The serpent came seeking information.  Where is that tree? The serpent was crafting a rebellion, a plan to ruin God’s family. He needed an inside voice, one who would naively give him the necessary weapons and a clear shot at the Father of Creation.

He was indeed crafty. “did God really say, you shall not eat from any tree of the garden?” Eve easily delivered over what the serpent needed to destroy the human race. “it’s in the middle of the garden.” Through this dark betrayal,  sin entered and like a plague, began to corrupt the earth, creating a canyon between God and his children.

How could the world be renewed, how could heaven be re-entered – how does man return from that sort of unfaithfulness?

Did The Father turn his face away, when he heard his only child cry out, “My God , My God why have you forsaken me?” perhaps,  but then his response, “I will never leave you or forsake you”, and reached down and pulled Jesus from the garden tomb, and death had it’s last word, the tree of life re-appeared, power and dominion handed back over to the one who was willing to be betrayed into the hands of the enemy by his loving Father, in order to retrieve what the enemy had stolen; that through him all could be restored, redeemed and returned to the first Glory.


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