Within the Hebrew language exists a well spring of meaning. When we combine the Hebrew found in Torah with the message in the gospels we see revelations. We are better able to see these hidden meanings and mysteries in the bible. “The sum of Thy word is truth.” 

Here is one such mystery found in Deuteronomy 6:4 – within the famous “Shema”

The Hebrew word for, “witness” is pronounced AhD, it means:

AhD means : to repeat, but it also is used to describe a witness because a witness is someone who repeats what they heard or saw.

The word is made up of two letters

( A and D) the names of these letters are AYIN  and  DALET

in ancient Hebrew letters can be pictures. The AYIN  is a picture of an eye and the DALET a door.  when placed together they have mean to: “see the door”.

To help the reader understand this word consider the following:

In Hebrew a witness is someone who sees or reveals the door.  But how and why? A door is used repeatedly to enter and exit a house. When a man is a witness, he himself is one who reveals the door, simply by repeatedly using it himself.  

Think about this: the witnesses of Jesus are revealing him to others. The witnesses of the word of God go to them daily. Jesus is also the word of God, and He instructed his followers to “abide in me.”

the word of God is a door to the kingdom. Jesus is the door to the kingdom of heaven, when we repeatedly go to Jesus, the Word, we reveal the way to others, we reveal the door and become his witnesses, his AHD

Is this not the goal of Israel to be the witnesses to the door to the kingdom? Israel was entrusted to keep and preserve the word of God and in essence God revealed his word to the world through Israel.

God established witnesses on the mountain top when he ate and drank with the seventy elders, just as Christ established his witnesses on the mountain top when he ate and drank with his disciples and ascended from the mount of olives. The witnesses of the Lord, are men who go before the coming of the word of God. They go ahead of the Lord and reveal the door. every time you share your testimony with others about  who God is and what work he has done in your life you are being a witness, going through the door and repeating to others who the door is


Look close at the above verse from Deuteronomy 6:4. Notice the enlarged AYIN and DALET. This is how it is written in the Torah (old testament ) scrolls.   in every single copy of the Torah in the original Hebrew/Aramaic this is how it looks. It is significant because there is only one other place in the entire scripture where letters are enlarged like this. It tells us to pay attention.

The Rabbi’s have commented that, ” the ayin and the dalet are enlarged because when Israel recites the Shema, every morning and evening, they are being witnesses that God is one.”

Here’s my interpretation: The first word in the SHEMA has an enlarged AYIN (Eye). The DALET (door) is located at the end of the verse. God wants his witnesses those who shema or hear to see the door at the end. What door?

Jesus said, I am the door of the sheep, what sheep? The list sheep of the house of Israel.

when is this revealed “at the end”. Jesus says I am the end of the law, perhaps this is what he meant when he said” I’m the end, I’m present at the end.

Jesus said, “I am the door, if anyone enters through me, he shall be saved and shall go in and out , and find pasture.” John 10:9

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