It’s hard to live in a natural world, when you know heaven exists. We crave it. Why? The only possible answer is: we somehow know heaven. Either we came from it, have experienced it, or have been made with it inside of our hearts. Like everything else our Creator has laced it into our frames. There are some things he formed us with that can be seen and others that cannot be seen. No one can see our thoughts and desires – perhaps this is the place where he placed the knowledge of heavenly things. Perhaps He hid it there to be discovered, excavated throughout life.
The Pevensie children, in C.S. Lewis’ novels, longed to return to their magical world, Narnia, where they had experienced honor, royalty and power. They knew about talking animals and dancing trees and fawns, ancient lions and queens which brought on eternal winters with wickedness that feared defeat-because they had been there. Once they had tasted the splendor, it’s all they could think about, getting back, where they could be who they were made to be. Our world is a glimmer of the next. Our days are a pre- heaven, a stepping stone. Our dreams cloudy versions of the realities that await us. We know it somehow, we are given little glimpses in our hearts… so we crave it.
It’s impossible to be perfectly satisfied on earth; and yet we try, we look, we strive. Are we searching in the wrong places? sometimes this world can look strikingly similar to God’s forever world, and the only real distinction, becomes a dissatisfaction; exactly what God desires for us, an eternity-spaced shape. We get a taste here and there of heaven; pieces, parts and pleasures- nearly indescribable, snippets of paradise. The snippets don’t last, they hasten away, fleeting ships and sunsets over the horizon. We also get mouthfuls of dust and sin thrown at us, pits we fall into and despair we employ-perhaps to remind us this is not our resting place. We spend our days and lives searching for that moment of bliss. But ever we reach it, we find it is never enough to fill us, only remind us of what we truly want. Are we selfish and greedy, or are we desperate for heaven? It’s not all bad here, but it never seems good enough, are we spoiled children, or are we heavenly beings? Conflict arises – guilt and condemnation or God’s voice reminding us, there is more? Are we to keep searching, or should we be satisfied here with the hope of heaven, with what is to come, with the assurance of splendor and glory, mansions and crowns, golden streets and eternal life? After all, acceptance and patience, assurance and confidence can be satisfying.
Perhaps restlessness, and dissatisfaction are evidence of embracing eternal minded-ness. How can we possibly be satisfied with anything here permanently, when the kingdom of God awaits us, calls to us, woos us? We are mortal, small and limited in every way. But there is something about us which is immortal that can go on. We sense something. We are like ravenous beasts out of our minds searching, pacing the floor, agitated with dust, yearning for glory; looking for a better place, like Abraham, seeking an inheritance, a country of his own, a land of promise.
But it’s not all about us either. The way we wait can either attract others to wait with us, or drive others away altogether. It’s a fine and curious line we must walk; being satisfied with dissatisfaction.
We search, in our blanket of flesh, desperate for something, for someplace, someone, or something beautiful that will cover us, fill us or align with the vision that has been placed in our hearts. The Creator has set eternity in our hearts; a unique and personal dream, as different as each man, woman and child. We search for what we desire with intensity and desperation, not fully even understanding it-but we reach, we stretch we move towards it. We cry and bleed and beg for it. We desire it without remorse or hesitation. We are narrow minded, and with tunnel vision we press on towards the call, towards the goal, though we see only dimly, partially, like through a glass darkly and it squeezes our hearts. We cry out, like children, why can’t I have it now? Why can’t it be mine? We scream we plead we fall on our knees, and sometimes we surrender. We seek on earth for that thing that is but a blue print of the gift and he has planned for us.
What we want, and may receive, is only a slight resemblance of what we will have, like an outline or a shadow of the promises of God, awaiting us in heaven. And because it is only a shadow it will not fulfill us. So perhaps we need to stop expecting total satisfaction here. It’s here we learn to want it- it’s there we receive it. that’s why its hard to live here.
He gives us a hunger and thirst on earth within our vessels of clay. He created divine pleasure, weaved it into us. As we grow, the imperfect vision grows, the hunger becomes a ravenous appetite. The more we grow the less satisfied we are with the things we have here on earth. Be careful that you do not forsake God’s provision or expect to receive eternal gifts in a temporary place. That hunger is created here on earth, but only satisfied in heaven.
God has given men a vision, of the eternal, in our hearts, in the very depths of our beings- placed it tenderly and carefully where we would find it. A vision that begins on earth, a vision which is built and shaped and yearned after. There will come a day when we are taken up and our dream will be fulfilled, there in Christ and for Him. When we open our eyes, and take our first breathe surrounded by a cloud of witnesses, we will see all things perfectly clear. Because he set eternity in our hearts, we will recognize what belongs to us; we will recognize his promises and we will receive them, with a joy we have yet to experience. Earth is temporary, this cloak of skin we wear, is temporary, the sun and the moon will fade. But, not everything is passing. God wants us to have joy and life unending, so some things he holds onto until we get there.
The End.

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  1. Your thoughts and perspective on this subject is amazing! This hallmark piece is so signature you. No one else can produce this the way you do. Love it! Please don’t stop writing and I so look forward to your first publication.

    1. thanks spiritual poet, maybe you can be my beta reader for the devotion i’m reading. If you have any critique please feel free to make suggestions on how it could be better.

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