I think courage is doing something even when you are afraid. it’s doing what needs to be done, despite how you feel.   Sometimes it’s moving forward in the dark, without knowing, understanding or having assurance that you will come out on top. I think courage is doing what is right, not what is easy.

Courage is being honest, and it takes buckets of it to tell the truth. They say courage is standing alone,  doing what is right even though no one else is with you, but sometimes you need people who love you standing behind you in order to be courageous, and strong. it takes courage to depend on others, especially when people are full of flaws. Sometimes knowing that God is with you, enables you to do that one thing you never thought you could do. Love is a natural channel for courage to flow.

Courage is standing up, and sometimes sitting down. Courage is having faith; it can be blind, it can be quiet, and it can be powerful. Courage is willingness, courage is painted with hope. And it is hope which motivates intense courage. it has to do with leaving the comfortable and embracing the unexplored. Courage is resolve. Oh Lord give me courage.

courage is helping the weak ; without counting the cost, and sometimes you are the one who is weak. Courage cannot be bought or sold, it is a gift – your gift to the world, and sometimes God’s gift to the world, through you.

Perhaps courage is not something you can learn or be given, but something you must take and impart. Courage doesn’t replace fear it conquers it, courage doesn’t answer to fear – it silences it. Fear is the launching pad; fear reveals that courage is needed. Courage is holding on when you’re weak and sometimes letting go even when you’re strong.

There is no final and definitive outcome of courage it takes unique forms. Sometimes it results in death sometimes life, sometimes honor, sometimes success, sometimes it looks like failure and is altogether unseen, but true courage does not need an audience or a standing ovation, and people who display courage might never know the end result. You cannot measure it, you cannot extinguish it in yourself, but others can have tremendous power to squelch it, so you must guard it.

You cannot build it, or fully understand it, courage mostly does not come slowly or gradually but suddenly and unexpectedly, so always be on the lookout. We take it when we need it if we have resolved to move forward with what’s hard and messy.

It does not begin in your mind, or intellect, it is birthed in your spirit you don’t need to be smart or rich to have it- only alive. It is doing what we didn’t think we could do, giving what we didn’t know we had, and displaying what others don’t expect we will.

Courage is being ready to change, to be different or to remain steadfast in a world that is changing. Courage brings peace to some and chaos to others, courage cannot disappoint, because those who take it- see themselves not as they are and not as they were but as God created them to be.

You can never cross the ocean until you are willing to lose sight of the shore
– Christopher Columbus.

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