A Morning Prayer

Dear Lord God,

Help me today, do

Help me succeed, at the work I’m called to

Put my hand to the plow, and my foot to the path

May you cause me to obey, all that you ask

May the fruit of my labors abound and increase

and the past I can’t change, be forgiven and released

Give me beauty for ashes and a garland of praise

May the words that I speak, be seasoned with grace

Encourage my heart, like David’s, to fight,

The enemies that plot my destruction and plight

Build my house, and my strength, and my faith

lift up my countenance to gaze on your face,

Bless me and keep me, so I may prevail

in spreading your word, through this deep sea and taunting gale,

I’m broken and bruised, barren and dry,

Without what I need, to live and arise

But if you open my heart and plant a good seed,

Water me, love me, remove anger and greed,

If you pursue me, have patience, keep me close

and fill me with the Holy Ghost,

Then I might succeed, I might just do

What you have planned, today, to pull me through


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