There is a man I used to know,

I think his name is, Jesus

He walked upon the land and sea

I think his name is Jesus

he spoke with words of God and man

and healed the blind and lame

He fed the sheep with his own hand

and called each one by name

There is a man, the seed of God

they say his name is Jesus

I cannot hear his voice too loud

and so I call out, JESUS?

and that is when this man,

he reaches down for me,

and walking on the sand, he pulls me from the sea

speaking words from heaven, he feeds my weary soul

Calling out my name, How could I let him go?

and though I only thought about this man who knew me well

he waited for me every day and caught me when I fell

now I give him all my doubt and tell him all my pain

he listens to each trouble

he makes me new again

when I forget and I often do

he came to save and wipe each tear

I simply call His name

that’s when I feel him near

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