More thoughts on the life changing magic of tidying.

I am continuing to sort and sift my clothes, but stage one is complete. There are two, large, black, plastic bags tied and ready to be released.   “Goodbye, farewell, and may you find someone you look better on, someone who loves you more than I do; and, thank you for covering my nakedness temporarily.”

The first purge in the process of sorting all the clothes, was the easiest.  Tossing items into my discard pile created a momentum I quite enjoyed. It was freeing me from all sorts of chains to the past. I’ll resort the keep pile later, like silver is refined, so goes the process of purifying the collection of outer garments. The magic part emerged again during this process.  I am in fact inspired to lose weight so I can wear some of those joy inspiring clothes – perhaps we truly are motivated by the things we love.

2 Corinthians 5: 17

Therefore, if any man is in Christ he is a new creation; the old things have passed away the new things have come.

So, there was this one yellow tank top, I’ve had for many years.  I was having a hard time letting it go. It fits well, but it doesn’t spark excitability or inspiration. Still, I was having a hard time deciding, so I reckoned, wearing it may help seal the final decision.  Well, the conclusion is, sometimes the criteria for discarding is simply- it’s old. 

We aren’t talking wine, grandparents or antiques here, which get better with age, but cloth,  which rips and thins and wears out.  It didn’t spark joy in me because it’s old, ready to be retired into a rag, old.  It doesn’t motivate me to work out or lose weight, or be the best me I can be. But it lets me be the old, worn out tired and depressed me. Maybe that’s when I wore it the most.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of, the us, we knew and guarded for so long.  The point of this whole ordeal is to keep what makes you want to improve yourself, grow, and smile. Throw out the prison garb.

 Sometimes, something that looks old and worn out, makes you feel worn frayed and faded when you wear it.  When something is old it may be time to love yourself enough to get yourself a new one because you need to believe that you have worth.  

It’s hard for people who didn’t have what they needed as children, to let go of things that, at one time, they didn’t have enough of.

People like us horde toilet paper and stock up on toothpaste. That child inside of me is remembering what it’s like to be cold, and hungry and empty and that child is trying to decide what stays and what goes.  But holding on to everything only makes us remain in that constant state of poverty thinking, and feeling.

Don’t let the fearful child decide what stays and goes in life.  You are the adult now, let yourself be inspired to take on that role, blossom into the person you were made to be. The clothes can be just one small step in choosing to walk in the newness of perspective, and life.

There is something spiritual about clothes.  Yes, even clothes as shallow and skimpy as they can be. The bible speaks a lot of garments.  Our clothes, how we done ourselves is quite telling, not only how we feel about ourselves, how others treat us, but where we are in life.

Behold I am making all things new Revelation 21:5

Put on the garments of salvation and the robes of righteousness.  Why? Because it will remind you of who you are and that is someone who is loved and known and cared for deeply. 

Jesus said, only those who are wearing wedding clothes will be able to enter and dine with him. Why? Because the garments are indication of the choices? The choices lead either to righteousness or wickedness. Because you don’t put old wine into new wineskins, nor do you put new wine into old wineskins, but you put new wine into new wineskins.

The wine is man, and Christ wants us to be new and wants us to walk in…newness.  Get rid of the old and the tiresome, worn out filthy garments which remind you of the broken child and the suffering slave and the joyless sinner. What you wear should inspire and remind you, and others of who you are, who you want to be and how Christ sees you.  Indication of what you have done in life and with life.

It might take some sifting and sorting, and discarding and even wearing, but that’s what life is, all of that. And, in the end, hopefully, those garments we choose to keep, are the ones that bring great joy.

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