“let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before u – Hebrews 12:1

I sat crossed leg atop a pillow on the outskirts of ‘mount garments’.  I knew I would have to begin sorting and sifting and discarding my clothes. I could delay no longer.  My mind feverishly drew up a plan of action, either that, or I was gathering courage for the journey that lie before me.  The same courage that is mustered before jumping out of a plane, except I could end up naked rather than dead if I failed. First, I pictured myself curling up in the middle of all those clothes and falling asleep-avoidance.  Next, I sat there gazing, as if in a trance, stuck between practical and joy, past and present. I heard the words, what inspires joy, echo in my mind? There were so many clothes from years back. And  I was somewhere between the me I was, the me I am and the me I want to be. This is getting intense and emotional already, I thought.

I picked up a sweater, I happen to love; it’s grey and thin with a few buttons, and some girly frill down the middle. It’s old. It’s been worn and washed often.  I love it. joy sparked, but it is sort of pilly, and I look like a moose in it as of the last time I tried it on; my belly sticks out, my arms look husky…joy killed…but I could lose some weight and it is a classic…joy ignited.  I’m ready for that nap. The way it fits doesn’t inspire joy, but I like it.  Do I release it, let go and give up on the idea of losing a few pounds? Do I hold onto it and work like crazy to lose a few pounds or will I lock it up in its little plastic prison buried in good intentions beside my gym pass if I keep it?   Is this the life changing part that marie kondon talks about in the book?

The decisions we make even the small ones regarding what clothes to keep and what to let go of have the power to change what we do about who we are and who we want to become.  Every choice shapes our tomorrows.  When we sit down with a heap of life that we haven’t handled well or dealt with we come face to face with lots of decisions.  Do I really need this job? Do I even like that person? Is that dream still feasible? Does this characteristic still fit? Do I enjoy that activity? How can I make room for this behavior or that belief? What books will I read? What classes will I take? How will I speak to my children? How do I love my husband? Will I eat two pieces of cake or a banana for a snack? Should I walk or watch TV? Making these choices helps us grow and process who we want to be. So we must continually judge and sort all the pieces and parts and clothes in our lives as we grow and change.  It’s like an evaluation a review of how things are going where they are going and if we need to adjust anything.

“Sometimes it’s not sin, that’s most difficult to throw off, it’s the otherwise good stuff that gets in the way of our becoming who God is calling us to be. What do you need to let go of today.” –Niquest (113)



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