The future choices we must make

Before time steals our youth

Before order and innocence

Has been swallowed by truth,

What is this prison?

These invisible bars

A cell of indecision

A night without stars

Trapped by fear

The unknown the unseen

The answers are rare

Beyond my reach

Overwhelmed by volume, shadows and tides

I thought I was grounded

But I’m tethered by time

Desperate for clouds, a fire, direction

Sinking in silence

Crippled by perfection

Waves of impossible, wash over my soul

I step forth in faith

Yet recoil in doubt

Held in one place

When you’re calling me out.

It feels like a war in the parts that remain

Do I slip through these walls?

Tear off these chains?

How can I move, when surrounded by fences

Confined by swollen reasons

Entombed by stony thoughts

Broken by faults; Memories forgot

Trying my best, begging God to deliver

Where is my rest?

My Prince of Peace

IS this all a test?

So my trust will increase

When I cannot decide

And my choices are stormy

When I’m wounded by pride

Injured with weakness

Still, stolen and hopeless…

“Bring me out to bring me in”

You’ve done it before

You can do it again.

Kb 2015

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