If Life is filled with wounds and fear

Souls that bleed and dreams that tear

War and violence

Fear and blindness

How are we to flourish here?

Is it your will to beat us down?

Watch us struggle tilling ground

That does not bare beneath our feet

Supplying bread for us to eat

With Adams curse and Cain’s great sin

Will I be marked and never win

Where is hope and victory?

Where is the One who sets us free?

If I could only touch His hem

Perhaps I would be whole again

You say you labor toil and cry

Struggling in the dust so dry

Cultivating flesh and blood

Knowing fear; cursing sod

To bring forth bread that will never fill you

Harvesting what will only kill you

I sent you life and second birth

Bread from heaven; not from earth

His name is One, His work is done

Trust in my beloved Son.

Plant your seeds in soil above

Sow and reap not food but love


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