Where are you – Oh God my King
My Elohim
To you I bring
my weary heart
my empty hands
my aching feet
my words unplanned
I want, I wish, I hope to find
your will your face
your hand in mine
your spirit sweet
your breathe divine
oh where are you
My Adonai

upon your throne
beside me here
within a cloud will you appear
Oh Father God
reveal to me
the Shepherd Good
The Lord Almighty

King of Kings
Consuming Fire
everlasting hearts desire
your words before my eyes
my heart begins to turn
from black and broken
hard as stone
to soft and true before your throne

your love it soothes and heals
and speaks
your tenderness with violence seeks
oh God of Truth
and life and light
I pray you now to grant me sight
descend with haste in
holy flight

open up these eyes of flesh
to see your form
and hear your voice
lay my head upon your breast
I wonder still, am I still
still enough to have your will
close enough to touch your face
sought enough to know your place?

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