I turned around and I saw something glimmering in the shadow of my memories,

A faint but beautiful idea sparkling in the darkness

Life was there twisting awkwardly around my humble existence

I had no definitive purpose,  no intentional understanding

I turned relentlessly in circles,

Hoping to catch a better view,

a hand emerged outstretched; reaching with countless eternal moments

I stood staring as if light had only just risen, as if love had only just been given

My words are spoken but maimed, disorganized, my tears fragmented

Falling consistently inconsistent through time

It wasn’t as if this hand was unfamiliar,

Yet nearer now, indistinctly wounded

Unapologetically desirable to my feeble and fragmented soul

With intimidation I responded,

Several times retreating from his commanding presence

I froze in silent resignation,

He stood covered in a cloud of undisturbed darkness

Bleeding to touch me, dying to know me,

I felt his breathe like uncut diamonds shatter the hardness that began to form around my injured heart

His unspoken words penetrated my wounded soul

Forgiving my unforgivable position

Embracing my cold form, which appeared pathetically from the cool soil of dormancy.

“Who are you”  I whispered to his somehow strangely familiar spirit

His voice broke the cedars, commanded the wind, and tamed the ocean

“I am who I am”

I turned again warm regret fell without hesitation against his beating heart

I ran into his open arms and rested from all the days which existed before that moment

And all the moments that threatened to exist without him,

Its as if his light lined the path which led to his truth,

All this time I had arrogantly confessed that my path was painted with his life

I didn’t realize that his path was painted with mine.

Words became unnecessary thoughts magnified

Love intense.

Suddenly fear gripped me at the base thought of abandonment

I relinquished, withdrew, forsook his generosity

I ran fast and far, betrayal swept over me and through me defining my fragile expressions

Until I was so far I no longer could see but a mere glimmer

A faint idea sparkling in the dark past of my unrequited devotion.

Kim Blenkhorn

“thank you Jesus for always pursuing me though I run consistently from you.”

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