what have I left

when all disappears

fading and melting

under the strength of suffering years

when all once valuable

and precious is lost

like ashes to the wind

like early sun against morning frost

what will remain

when words are few

and faces gone,

beauty a memory

strength a song

who will hear my pain and fear

and catch these lonely silent tears.

what have I when all is shed

when hope is a whisper

dreams in my bed

when the elements melt with burning fire

when the earth is gone

when the world is but a distant desire

only one thing I’ve found shall remain

only in me, when I shake this flesh

his Name, his spirit, His life be it blessed

He will be there in the furnace of time,

HIs breathe, his love, his vessel for mine

All that I posed worth something here

will none of it endure

when he walks with me there

so when it comes time to lose the me

I know remaineth all of He


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