I can almost see you there on your knees
with the water gently touching your feet,
lapping your toes
the sand still wet in your hand
the dirt and the clay gathering between your fingers
I see you looking more like a man, humble
more like the man who will save the world, who will suffer for my sins

with your hands running over and over to smooth
shoulder, an arm, a jawbone
shaping the unformed figure
patting and adding here and there
pinching, pulling, smoothing again,
and the look on your face
bent over a lifeless form
creating and planning
stopping to think, building, fashioning after your own arms and
hands and feet

I wonder did you ever use your own tears and spit and blood
to add dimension and life.

the world has just begun to live
life has just begun to beat
the sprouts barely pressing their way through the rich dark soil
everything is new and fresh like the morning after a long hard rain
there are birds resting nearby,
fish leaping from the water
the sun is just barely putting itself to bed

I can almost hear your tears fall
when you think ahead
knowing the beginning from the end
the joy in your heart
as he takes his first step
the grief in your voice
as he makes his first choice
and yet you keep on forming
you are the master
the creator
you prepare yourself
you breathe and you are no longer alone.


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