no matter how long I have walked with Jesus, He never ceases to reveal something new to my fragile soul.  An ancient truth passed over many times scattered on the floor of my heart like un-chosen clothes until the proper occasion arises, and there it is ; there He is, holding this timeless precious idea before me, waiting for me to finally accept it and pull it near apply it and be transformed by His word .  I look it over this way and that like a familiar puzzle piece  you’ve come across a dozen times, but then suddenly, it fits somewhere. Suddenly understand it’s purpose and it fits.

When we are instructed to pray in Jesus name, it DOES NOT mean to add his name to the end of our prayers like a garnish applied for effects on some over glorified product of our own making.   Praying in Jesus name is praying as Jesus. not like Jesus, but as Him. When we pray IN his name, we are abiding in him, we are appearing before the Father as Jesus, positionally, we are bearing his name, his authority, his rights. Praying with his power; in his spirit and his perfect righteousness.

Jesus rebuked those who called Him Lord and bragged about  the fact that they had done great things IN HIS NAME, they cast out demons , prophesied and did many miracles. (matthew 7:22) yet his reply was simple and direct, “depart from me, i never knew you, you who practice lawlessness.”  Were they people who just added his name to the end of their supplications like a cherry on an ice cream Sunday, but they did not identify with Him. They were not keeping his laws, which Jesus has stated in His word that, “if you love me, then keep my commandments.”

They did not KNOW Him, or experience Him intimately, they spoke in His name, but they never TOOK His name the way a bride takes the name of her husband and becomes a new person, the groom and bride become ONE, i believe this is Jesus’ intention with His people, those who know Him and pray IN His name are those who are one with Him.

what would happen if i went to the store with a credit card that had my husband’s name on it. They might ask for some ID, but for the most part they would accept me as an authority to use his card. What if our neighbor took my husband’s credit card to the store? that’s like Jesus, my relationship with him awards me certain rights and one of those is to come before the throne of God, in Jesus name.

I have the responsibility to appear to the world in the name of the King, King Jesus, if I truly claim to know Him.

Jesus Told his disciples if you forgive any man his sins they are forgiven! When we forgive we are doing it with Christ’s power in us.

so when i pray in Jesus Name, it is in HIM that i should be.  and i can pray with confidence and assurance that i have what i ask for. Maybe i should begin my prayer time with Jesus’ Name in stead of ending it with His name.  The beautiful name, the unspeakable name, the name wonderful.  The name of Jesus.

In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.Ephesians 3:11-13

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