to train the hand in ways unknown

to generations long past grown

We move the will, we shift the heart

the words we speak become fine art

to move the will and change the path

and walk in ways not seen or mapped

and sit in places not before

or look with eyes undone and sore

afraid to step or move in faith

should someone else trail and blaze?

if certain pearls were deeper still

who would know the shells they fill

if lands discovered were still less known

and peoples suffered well alone

colors remained not glorified

truths and tears not justified

could it be me who trained them still

to use their hands and bend their will

a skill or talent prior lost

unheard, not taken denied by most

regained with passion, daring risk

a chance , acquaintance a heart of bliss

must move and twist, must try and fail

if ever life and love prevail.

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