MY whole life this picture hung in our living room.  I never thought too much about it, like so many things in  childhood, it was just part of the scenery like the sun, or the cherry tree in our back yard, or the weird neighbors that kept their shades closed all day , every day.

I passed by that picture a thousand times without giving the ancient artist even a morsel of deserved  honor. Genuine appreciation seems to come only in the seasoned years of life beyond suffering and experience.

Looking at this picture from the place i am now, it moves me.  It brings me back, it brings me forward also.  maybe because the place i am now is more like the place where that lamb is.

I realize how precious i am in God’s sight, due the understanding of how worthless that little lamb is in the world’s eyes.

What is a lamb, a single lamb? and yet here is the shepherd in the most dangerous of places for one purpose. How long would it take to climb down into that valley i wonder?   How many would forget the lamb, leave it, sacrifice it there on the mountain side instead of on the blessed altar? after searching for hours, finally hear a bleating and with hesitation and dread peer down, seeing the helpless creature, shake their head in disgust, and cut their losses. Not the Good Shepherd. If He doesn’t leave even the most worthless of creatures, he wouldn’t leave me, for some unknown reason he sees value in all his creation. For some reasons he gives his life for mine.


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