February 18, 2013

Today I learned that skiing is something that is worked at, taught not caught. Learning a new skill is a long process.I guess that’s why people have lessons. One ski lesson is barely enough to teach me to stay upright, never mind turn me into an all star, or even to conquer the bunny slope; just like one piano lesson won’t morph me into Mozart, one basketball game doesn’t deem me competition for anyone, and one bible study doesn’t save anybody’s soul.

Life is full of lessons we must work at, persevere in and maintain.  The reality is, I wouldn’t give a concert on stage  without piano lessons , I can’t ski without lessons, and I can’t live without life lessons. In some ways this world is our classroom. Our day to day tasks and routine are the courses we take. Sometimes we pass sometimes we fail, sometimes we have to start over.  Some people are better at learning than others, some quicker some masters but no one ever stops learning until heaven calls.

At one time in my life, it seemed to me skiing was the sort of sport a person learns from osmosis, when purchasing the equipment.  I figured ” If I look like everyone else, maybe I’ll ski like them too.”  Then I had my ski lesson, and very quickly realized that NOTHING is like that, not sports, not music, not school, not relationships, not even thought patterns, and anything worth doing well will need lessons.

I learned a lot today while getting a private ski lesson. I learned today that God answers prayers, even when the request is “please help me not to fall bunny hill.” I learned that goals can be big or small, like mountains, but every one feels good when they reach their destination. I learned that even the smallest child can have great abilities, that I don’t have, and children are less likely to be afraid than us “brave” adults, and with that being said, fear increasing with age.  I learned that we need to lean into our fears and go against what feels natural in order to overcome. I learned that my daughter is the most amazing teacher, and I saw her today as she will be in the future, patient, kind and generous with her encouragement. Maye we need to look at our children differently sometimes. I learned that I can become a child again easily,  I can be humble without regret, and ask questions with pride.  I learned that cold is a state a mind. I learned it is brave to try to overcome even the smallest obstacle, and the best part of anything is holding hands on a unexpected journey. I learned that the ski lift is an awesome place for a rest.  I learned that some people don’t change, and some can’t change and some will change. I learned that my friends are some of the most important people in my life.  I learned that I don’t believe everything I used to and that is okay. I learned being courageous and being successful are almost the same thing and that success is as unique to each person as their handwriting or the sound of their voice. Success and victory can be laid out before you like a magic carpet or getting on one without falling, it can be wrestling that black diamond, or baking cookies with a smile. If it’s your own and you own it and have made a leap towards it… it qualifies as success. I learned trying something new is never a waste. That when your tired, you need to hang it up or you might have to submit to the walk of shame.  I learned you can love someone imperfectly and from a distance, as well as hurt them perfectly and close up. I learned that i can’t learn every lesson from every person, just as i cannot teach every lesson.

I learned many lessons today, only one I had to pay for.

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