Wednesday, February 13, 2013

“Politically Correct”

I wouldn’t consider myself a political person; however, when the State of the Union comes on or the president makes a speech I do uncharacteristically have a tendency to be somewhat…overenthusiastic about the whole thing. I’m not entirely sure my husband enjoys watching these speeches with me, and probably secretly thinks I’m acting more like a drunken college student watching a football game. I applaud, I criticize, I point, and I question? (out loud of course) I asked the television screen as if it would respond, “are all the confident claims made by our President true?” I found myself asking questions like, “since January 1st?” and “how do I know?” “Does he have the power to do that?” and “isn’t this a speech to report the state of our great land? Why does he sound strangely familiar as if I’m watching the election debates again, packed with proposals and promises?” On behalf of the American people, I thought to myself, how many of us really know anything detailed about the proclamations He is making on national television. The fact is he is a phenomenal speaker. Our president knows how to get a first-rate cheer. I feel proud to be American after some of his speeches. He is almost poetic and well versed in the way he puts words together, for example, “we don’t need a bigger government, but a smarter government!” He has a way of getting the crowd on their feet. But, who does the work to find out the facts? Thank you FOX News! Thank you media! Thank you news reporters and journalist all over this beautiful and free country! They have the great and daunting task of acting as watchdogs for the American people and keeping those politicians on their toes. So how many people actually do check up? I would love to see a poll of how many people watch the state of the union, and if not WHY? Don’t you care the state your union is in? Maybe those people have lived long enough to know where they get the real facts anyway. I would also like to know; out of those who do watch, how many just take everything the president (whoever he may be at the time) says with unfailing unwavering trust? No matter who our president is and how much we like them or don’t isn’t it our freedom, our right, our responsibility to question, to check up, to know beyond the flat words of a well written speech what is going on, how and why and to be our own personal watchdog? Don’t we have the power to be well informed citizens? Certainly I haven’t counted myself to see if we have gained 6 million jobs in the past 4 years, and how do I know about the studies done on preschoolers? I have to ask myself will I take his word for it or do my homework. If we have the power to gain access to information, but don’t use it, will it become our greatest weakness? Do we turn a blind eye and grasp onto shallow hope that rests in a man whom we really don’t know and who doesn’t know us, who operates in a system which most American people are intricately and infinitely removed from? Let’s be people who rise up to the challenge set before us? Can we be people who change the process when it is lacking instead of only feeling the outcome of a decision made by others? Are we okay with that? Let’s be people who know, are well educated about the government we allow to govern us. Let us maintain this country with our hands, not just watch it with our eyes. So that when it comes right down to it, whether we fail or succeed, whether we win or lose whether our president is trustworthy or impeachable we supported our team with both encouraging praises and admirable rectification. Not halfheartedly but as passionately and devoted as a bunch of college kids at the super bowl!

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