February 5, 2013

“The Snow”

Snow like this, could fall for hours and never accumulate, it falls so slowly that it melts almost before reaching its destination. The grass rejects it, the solid hard earth swallows it up, and even the cold rocks refuse to allow its seasonal blanket. I barely even knew it was falling, there were only a few flakes which drifted lazily from the gray, uneventful sky. They floated ever so gracefully, none in a hurry, just taking their time, each flake, each unique and biting fleck of silver.

These snowflakes had no concern for the minutes which decorated my clocks and, or school bus dominating the morning, or the company arriving, no thought of rushing to get ahead. Never, not this snow, it does not hasten towards it obvious destination. It is peaceful like a dream, it’s teasing me, it wants me to chase it, is it a game? It falls as if to ask, “Remember me.” this snow falls like it does in a watery world encompassed by a glass ball. It falls like it doesn’t have a care in the world, like a small child playing quietly in the afternoon.

There is more now, scattered bits and pieces some larger than others, and suddenly out of nowhere some rebels burst down and begin to accelerate to the ground as if in a race, they push past the slower snowflakes and then just as quickly as if rebuked by the clouds, they are gathered up and the slow white spots continue to fall. Then they stop, and there is none. And they begin to fall again, and they stop, another few drift down…as if released from a jar.

This continues all day long, a quiet, slow, unfruitful snowfall, it reminds me of a gift, a beautiful gift given to observe its beauty never to feel its sting, foreshadowing something yet to come.

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