I haven’t strength to wipe these teary eyes
Nor run a race to gain a single prize
Nor wit nor will,
I can’t sit still
Nor heart that loves without disguise
I haven’t soul enough to find the words to heal
Or heal the wounds I’ve found
By words without appeal
I shake inside, I bleed, I hide,
Is that the peace from me you wish to steal?
These memories they lie in ruins
Uncertainty fills each breath
I can’t remember why the anger burns
Or burn the reasons I can’t forget.
Silence creeps upon me
Like darkness falls
But stars arise in evening skies and shine
On hidden walls
Walls that must come down
It gives me hope to see
Yet as I draw nearer these walls cave in on me
As I turn my gaze on Thee
Strength returns
Grace I find
Wings to cover me
Grief beset, by natural sins and way I did not choose
Begins to melt and fade from sight with mountains and good news
You give, I beg,
I try to barter
You laugh, I plead
And bargain harder,
You lift your hand, I cease to speak
Like stormy waters on open seas,
He stilled them with his Peace
I see your wound
You breathe on me, my ears are open
To hear you speak…

“…Oh child, by grace you are set free
No measure, no work no deed nor praise
No sacrifice by which you’ve raised
No love, no word, no thought no act
No man alive
Could ransom that.”
His hand outstretched
He bids me, “COME”
His mission true,
The work is done
“I pour out favor from the father
He grants it for the choice I made, you cannot add
With flesh…surrender,
the debt is filled the sum is paid
You don’t’ deserve this gift I offer, forgiveness, life and truth
You haven’t earned or pleased the father,
The only good is ME in you.”

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