Give me an assignment,
a task to complete
a course to chart
a pardon to plea
ask me a question
dare me to dream
sing me a song
and I’ll dance like I’m free
give me a paper,
a pen and some ink
a letter a word,
a reason to think
state your opinion
regret or rejoice
argue your angle
offer a choice
provide me a path
an idea, a remark
allow me to paint
with symbols fine art
meanings and phrases
words that reveal
chart me a course
I’ll record what I feel
Open your mouth
With sounds that bring truth
I’ll wrestle them all
Collecting beauty and youth
I’ll sew them like fabric
Creating a quilt,
I’ll know them
Like two lovers
Under a moon ever still
What I see
How I know
With passion and pursuit
Like fireworks and stars that shoot
Made for your ears,
To ignite your heart and soul
Give me a post and I’ll write you to tears
A courtroom, a library
A class room, a cell
Wherever I am
My words I will I tell.
And I’m free when I write
And I know what I feel
How to think
What to say ,
Where I belong,
Here I heal
In the midst of my words
On the shores of time
Gazing at peace in the oceans and tides
Give me a place
A stage to perform
A right to express
a refuge in storm
Give me a reason
To speak and to share
All that I have been given
In here.
A purpose to all the pain
And despair,
A home for these many thoughts
A paper to catch these tears.
A stage to achieve
A right to express
A place to release
These burdens and rest.

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