“you can have mine”
“you can BE mine”
marry me
save me
have me
in the dark
under the covers
in a crowded room
without words
with a wink
Listening without interrupting
Keeping a promise
keeping a secret
keeping a card
Going for a walk
Sharing a sled
Sharing a blanket
Sharing the last piece of cake
giving away your last sip of water on a hot day
Being on time
Telling the truth
Long telephone talks
Letters in the mail
Packages on my birthday
secrets in my pocket
never saying hello or goodbye just hugging
bringing out the trash
bringing in the wood
shoveling snow
starting my car on a cold day
meaningful questions
purposeful words
comfortable silence
generous kisses
“how are you feeling”
“how was your day”
Giving to the poor
sharing what you have
talking about Jesus
Holding a door open for the person behind you
Looking someone in the eye
fixing it
helping with a band aid
Saying something nice about someone who hurt your feelings
Sharing the blame
Giving a hug and not letting go
Letting go
Writing your own valentines card
a smile
Holding back
Holding on
Holding hands
collecting shells together
Letting someone else go first
Saying I’m sorry
kisses on the head
kisses on the hand
kisses all day long
An unexpected hug
an unrequested smile
Not keeping track of time
Not getting angry…often
Not giving up
planning A birthday party
Choosing to stay
working it out
Being patient
waiting in the car without honking the horn
forgetting mistakes
remembering compassion
saying it with flowers from the side of the road
talking softly.

for my husband who is still learning new ways to say
“i Love you”

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