Welcome to My Faith Place

Is your faith small? Sometimes mine is. In some places its big and obvious and others places unseen and fruitless. when it comes to writing my faith is all shriveled in fear.  I have wanted to write my whole life and I do , but I just hide it away in my  journals. I’m afraid. Afraid of rejection mostly. which brings me to my theme in life,  difficulties. I believe it is in the very difficult places of life where we have the most potential for growth. Like a seed. you will find lots of posts about prevailing over difficulties here.

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Where might you need more faith to move forward and to do something regardless of fear or inadequacies.  Faith thrives in a messy prayer time, an inconsistent surrender, an “I really want to believe for a miracle”., a struggle, a battle with depression, a fight to read the word every day, perhaps marriage, relationships, unfilled dreams or unresolved illness. A Faith place can look incomplete, unsuccessful and in progress, in fact I believe it ought to.   Faith is something that changes, evolves and reproduces over a lifetime and it takes precisely a lifetime to perfect anything. If we have a living hope than we must also expect a living faith. Something that is never finished until we are. So I write all about it the process, the dirty sometimes beautiful process.

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I need to have more faith in the writing. I need to just do it.  Faith doesn’t come in the form of a well organized church, or a structured bible study or even after things are perfected, rather things are perfected because faith works.  When we feel angry because God is not “showing up” please catch yourself, and determine to be encouraged. remembering this:  God  hides himself SO THAT we would need faith to see him  Faith is the substance of things hoped for. i hope that someday i can succeed at writing a book, God doesn’t remove struggles he provides them so that we can grow stronger in that area, as we push through like the little seedling through the dark dirty soil.

A faith place, in my opinion, is not the place you have faith, but the place you need faith

Where do YOU need faith? Where do you need to just do something, move forward, not just believe God but believe to the point of toiling, laboring, work that requires trusting.   A faith place, in my opinion, is not the place you have faith, but the place you need faith.  Israel needed faith in an invisible God, they needed to thirst for him, so he brought them into the desert.  You are able in that space to practice not just believe but move forward. Some people call it works of faith, I call it a risk, but whats important is that God sees it as obedience.

Its far easier to keep my thoughts and words tucked safely inside my journal, away from critical eyes. Its a giant leap to display my artwork, when their are far more talented artists and writers out there. Here is a place where  I stretch my faith wings and take all the risks and fight the writing battles and push through.  Maybe that’s what being faithful is all about. Not winning just working.

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My Faith Place is a rag tag compilation of thoughts feelings , artwork and personal experiences documenting my thoughts about this thing called life and that takes a lot of faith for me to do. This blog is all about wrestling with , suffering with and living out my faith. What does it looks like to trust God day by day with what is precious to me, my words, my thoughts, my emotions, my ideas, my expressions. Just having this blog is  hitting the button and pulling the trigger, no matter how scary. It’s hard. But,  God is not only in the hard things of life, He orchestrates the hard things in life to shape us into faithful people in life, so that he can bless, draw close and save us for LIFE.

Here you will find poetry, religion,  insights into faith and scripture, hard questions, heated opinions, unique blend of theological ideas. You will find pictures i have drawn of peoples who have inspired me.  I  hope and pray you can find hope for your own battles. Welcome!


 I’m still learning and always open to feedback!