Welcome to My Faith Place

Where is the place in life you need your faith to grow? Where is that place where its a struggle to take God at his word?  That is a faith place. Often a faith place looks like an incomplete, unsuccessful, mess, for me its writing here, its my children’s salvation in Christ, its my battle with depression. Its not necessarily a well organized church, or a structured bible study or a rose garden. but a messy prayer time, an inconsistent surrender, a “I really want to believe for a miracle”. A faith place, in my opinion, is not the place you have faith, but the place you need faith.

MyFaith Place is a rag tag compilation of thoughts feelings , artwork and experiences that simply said, mean something to me. Each word, each post feels like a small step in a long journey.

Its far easier to keep my writings safely tucked inside my journal out of sight from critical or sensitive eyes, but safety is not what God has asked me to do. Its a giant leap to display my artwork, when their are far more talented artists out there. Here is a place where  I stretch my faith wings and take all the risks and fight the battles and push through.  Maybe that’s what being faithful is all about. Not being strong all the time, or perfect or beautiful on stage but just being on the stage, getting up there doing the thing God made you for.

This blog is all about wrestling with , suffering with and living in my personal faith place. Its all about the growth, truth, the Everlasting God and His work in mankind.  Its about hitting the button and pulling the trigger.

Here you will find all a lot of words that have spoken to me, real, raw, and true. Words , people, pictures, artwork all that have moved me, called me out, things that challenge me, encourage me  and bless me.  I so hope and pray you can find some thing of value here too. Welcome!

please leave lots of feedback and comments I need them all to be a better writer!